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Update to Vehicle Software

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Does anyone have any info on what the latest update is changing? Yesterday got the notices and I did the update. What can I expect?
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I don't believe I have seen an update yet. Did you have to agree to update, or was it just a notice that an update would occur? It would be nice if they told us what the changes would be.
After stopping the engine, a notice popped up on the info display. Choice to install now or later. I was away from my home wifi the first time, so I waited until I was connected to the home wifi. It gave some alerts about locking doors raising windows and that during the update, the car cannot be operated. It also said it can be left alone for completion, which I did. I came back when done and started the car. The only thing displayed was that the update was completed.
These are pics after the software update. I should have taken before shots.

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I did my update yesterday, guessing its like updating your computer, you really dont see a change but its there...someplace
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