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1. Transmission control module (CVT)

Production period : 2020-01-29 ~ 2020-04-08

Cause : There are some parts in which the fault diagnosis software of the transmission control module is not robust. As a result of the warning light lighting, the transmission performance may be limited, resulting in a decrease in output.

Repair method : Transmission Control Module (TCM) reprogramming and settings

Phenomena that may occur when not repaired : Warning light is generated when Stop&Start, and output may decrease when starting.

2. 1.35L gasoline engine vehicle (engine control unit module)

Production period : 2019-11-08 ~ 2020-09-10

Cause : Diagnostic software in the engine controller module that can erroneously recognize signals related to fuel injection performance during cold start and erroneously determine that there is a problem with the performance of the fuel injection device and turn on the engine warning light. Confirmed the problem.

Repair method : Engine control system software update

3. Electro-hydraulic brake booster

Production period : 2020-01-29 ~ 2020-06-18 (Some vehicles, not all vehicles)

Cause : The steel plate, which is the raw material of the motor state detection processor, has been surface-treated without cleaning the equipment, and the state of the motor has not been transferred to the brake control device due to poor contact during operation due to foreign matter being put in, and the warning light lights up. And the braking distance may be longer

Repair method : Electro-hydraulic brake booster replacement

Phenomena that may occur when not repaired : Since the braking distance is longer than usual, sufficient braking force is generated when the brake pedal is pressed deeper, which may interfere with safe driving.
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