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Hello all , I recently just got the 22 LT Fwd model and I’m planning to add some sound to it because the stock speakers are ass which is I’m sure you guys are all sure of .
Now I’m thinking of getting the single 8” subwoofer by skar Audio just wasn’t too sure how it would work in the suv but it’s seems to be no problem ? What sort of amp should I get ? The speaker I’m looking at take about 700 watts & I can get a bundle that comes with an amp of 350 watts I’m not sure if it’s a good deal ??
Have you guys had any issues with the truck ever since installing an subwoofer? Or do you guys think it’s better just to replace to 6 stock speakers ? I’m planning to do it around end of October
as I’ll be getting extra cash from work bwt I’ll take any advice you guys have !
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