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Shift to park error message

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Hey all. I have a ‘21 RS, and the shift to park message comes up and beeps every time I shut the car off. My dealer has a part supposedly ordered, but who knows when it will come in. Is there a way to disable this until I can get my car fixed? I’m spending 4-5 minutes each time I shut the car off trying to get it to stop. I rattle the shifter, push the side button on the shifter, turn the car on shift then shift to park..sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I’m taking it on a road trip next week don’t want this bothering me, but I guess at this point it will.
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Update : My part came in have appt thurs .
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Dropping off dealer tomorrow
Just dropped mine off today for that same problem. 21' with 28k miles
Just dropped mine off today with the same problem. 21’ with 27k miles
Update still waiting on the part order that was reordered after the 1st fix didn’t work . It’s getting worse and don’t know how to fix it . This is bs ! So now it takes me at least 5 min messing with the gearshift pushing buttons , going reverse to forward , etc . Eventually I can turn my car off . There was a lawsuit against this on older GM cars and was supposed to be fixed. What am I supposed to do keep going to the dealership to get the same part replaced over and over again ? What’s a person to do ?
I am having the same issue I have 2022 trailblazer and it started when I hit about 30k miles in the car.
My 21 LT started doing it around 26K. What I have found works to get around it are 2 things -- 1) Keep your foot on the brake until after you shut the engine off. Also, pressing the brake while you jiggle the shifter can help too. Or 2) exercise the shifter from park to low and back 3 or 4 times.

These are work arounds. I am waiting to get an appointment.
I have a 2021 Trailblazer RS with 13,000 miles on it. I too am having this issue. Started saying shift to park when I had already... move the shifter and the message would go off. Then I got an engine light warning. I have the extended warranty, so I called the dealer, and they told me to bring it right over. After a week and a half, they told me there was an emissions and gate lift sensor issue which was fixed. However, the shift to park issue is still there. My car has been at dealer for over a month and a half. ( They have been great about giving me a car (brand new 2023 Malibu in fact) but now they need me to take that rental back and get another one. I work full time, and this is kind of an inconvenience as well as I WANT MY CAR BACK!
I have a 2022 RS and it started giving me the message a couple of months ago. It is at the dealer today and my service advisor says he can't get it to do it. I only have 16,000 miles on my vehicle. I got in in November, 2021. I am gonna take my vehicle every week, until it is repaired. I bought it brand new off the lot. It will be fixed. Currently, he says that GM is unaware that there is a problem and he is awaiting technical support to call him back and give him direction.
Wow anyone else ? Please reply anyone sees this . If this doesn’t get fixed , how can we fight this ? This would be the second attempt to get this fixed as soon as my part comes in . No holding my breath issue is resolved .
I have a 2022 trailblazer and shift to park light started coming on. I have to mess with the shifter for a couple of minutes to get it to come off. Bringing the car to a dealership next week. Is so frustrating.
Has anyone tried "snapping" the shift detent button? I know this works on the Colorado's. My Wife has been sharing this on the Colorado board and it is helping. I have not experienced the issue as my TBRS is new but thought I would share
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