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I have a 2021 Chevy trailblazer. I have around 29,000 miles on my car. Recently I have had the Reduced Engine Power light along with the check engine light come across the dash. This has also limited my speed to 35 mph. I have had my car into 2 different Chevy dealerships and both are saying that the car is not throwing or storing any codes for them to know what is wrong with it. However the light will go off and they come back on in a matter of weeks. The dealerships have contacted GM for help with the matter but seem to be at loss what to do. I am at loss at what to do next. I was wondering if anyone else has ideas on what to do next.
I also have a 2021 TB and have been having this problem for months! They told me it shows no codes so they can’t fix it and I argued that it’s a brand new car and that my warranty must be for nothing then. The tech said “bring it back when it happens again” and I told him the wait is months out and he said “yea we are busy” IMAGINE THE FRUSTRATION. I usually drive around with my baby so I threatened to sue if anything happened due to the problem I went to them to fix!! But anywayssss, you’re saying it ended up being the turbo part??
1 - 1 of 46 Posts