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In Canada there is only one trim (Ultimate package) that comes with the power liftgate and all other trims don't. One feature I missed that i had on my previous vehicle was having a power liftgate. On my Chevrolet Trailblazer without the power liftgate, closing it manually was sometimes a pain.

I was glad to have found on this forum that referred me to a retrofit kit made by PYH. I have installed and very pleased with it. I got it in a week of order and it has everything to be specifically to be fitted on the Chevrolet Trailblazer. It comes with all wiring adapters wiring required.

No drilling on the body of the car is required. Has a rear trigger button that mounts to the OEM opening to the inner side of the Tailgate, and one button up front where you will need to choose to place, I chose the center console between the 2 USB chargers (a hole I drilled to plastic to fit it).
2 power struts that you replace with the hydraulic struts, the power strut cables use the 2 existing holes you loop into the lift gate, however the bracket on one end of the strut needs to be replaced with the provided one.

The trunks bottom striker hook needs to be replaced with a motorized power strike version provided.

I also installed option foot sensor that allows you to do a quick kick motion under the rear bumper to trigger lift gate to open/close.

Once done it is a very clean system and would not know it is OEM or not. Since our key FOB does not have the lifgate button, you can press on the unlock button 3 times to open/close liftgate instead. You can use the original external lifgate unlock button as well.

The hardest part for me was routing all the power cables/strut cables to go from trunk to the liftgate through the existing cable grommet, very tight squeeze, that took me several hours which delayed me to be a full days work. However, instructions states it would normally take 3 to 4 hours.

Cost for all parts is $699.
The seller service is very good, I would like to recommend it to everyone:
[email protected]

Link to video I made showing my power lift gate in action.Chevrolet Electric Tailgate Installation Process Instructions#chevrolet #auto #powerliftgate #short
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