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Wanting to hear if anyone else has experienced this,

have about 2000km and 3 months on my TB now. This issue has popped up twice now.

When I've unlocked the car using the button on the drivers door, I then opened up the driver's side rear passenger door to put my gym bag on the seat, and the hatch liftgate opened. The first time I figured maybe opening that door cast a shadow that tricked the foot sensor into thinking a foot was there. But this 2nd time I noted that there wasn't really any shadows at all. This happened with the car in my driveway.

Little bit sketchy, because my garage is a tight fit right now with a motorbike in there, so there isn't enough room to open the liftgate. I'm worried I'll go to open that door and the rear hatch will automatically open itself and smack the door into the motorbike or my garage door.

So until I've cleared out my garage, I've been turning off the power rear hatch when I park in there. Until I can test further to see if this is a repeatable problem as well.
Check your owners manual, I remember reading there was a way to open the liftgate by pressing and dwelling on either the lock or unlock button or maybe a double push of the button, it was a while ago so I don't recall the sequence. Check it out, it sounds like that may be what has happened to you. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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