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"Phone Not Found" Popup

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Hi everyone.

This is my first car with a screen in it so bare with me for a second at my small annoyance.

I've got a Trailblazer LT, so my phone is connected to it when I'm driving 95% of the time. The other 5%, my bluetooth is off, so the infotainment can't find my phone. My wife's phone has also connected to the screen before, but she isn't in the car nearly as much as I am.

Since her phone has connected before, the screen now hunts for it every time I'm in the car, and throws out a full screen "Cannot connect to your wife's phone" error that I have to tap out of in order to do anything else on the screen.

When my bluetooth is off, it tell me "Cannot connect to your phone". Tap to close. Then, "Cannot connect to your phone". More annoyed tap to close. I'm worried that over time as more people connect to the screen, it'll be a conga line of taps about phones I know cannot be connected.

Is there any way to disable this popup? I really couldn't care less when either my phone or my wife's phone can't be connected to the screen. I know it isn't connected, it's okay.
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Look at the options for the phones in your set up and one should be flagged as the primary phone. The secondary phone I don't think will automatically connect (or will it look for it), but if she's in the car with you at the same time and if she gets a call it will still use her phone hands free (it should be able to connect to both at the same time).
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