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Paint code/parts information label

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Owners manual says this label is either on center pillar or in rear storage area. I've been all over the car and haven't found it. The window sticker doesn't give the paint code, only the name. Looking to buy touch-up paint and you need the actual code for that. 2023 RS built in September 2022. Anyone know where this label is? I've been under and inside everything. It's well hidden. Thanks.
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Check the spare tire area. Can't remember if it's by the tire or under the cargo floor.
I already found a label under the cargo floor next to the spare, but no paint code. Not in the glove box as some have said. Labels in multiple places, no paint code. I'll just assume the internet has the correct information. Thank you!
Call the dealer parts dept with the VIN they can tell you the paint code.

from the bottom of that page:
Need to call Chevrolet?Their number is 800.222.1020 Provide your VIN to get your paint code.

In my case, the RPO tag is in the left rear corner of the spare tire compartment. At the end of the list is a code U 444E that translates to:
Scarlet Red Metallic, GIL/WA444E paint code on one site and
Agate Red Metallic on another 397X, 444E, G8B, GIL, WA397X, WA444E
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I just went through this myself. It’s a 3 character code on the accessories sticker under the floor of the cargo floor near the spare tire and jack. You’ll need to cross reference available color codes online to figure it out. Otherwise, best to call.

I used
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