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Onstar message

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Radio says. No XM connection contact your OnStar advisor. XM Radio is working fine. I do not have OnStar. But OnStar says you will get this message if you don't have OnStar. Have to exit out every time you turn the radio on. Has anyone else seen this?
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Not me.
I would try contacting OnStar. Hopefully you get someone who can actually help.
How long ago did you purchase the vehicle versus when this message started?
My only guess is that they might have activated a free trial of OnStar with you with the vehicle purchase (you get like 3 months free) but then will deactivate if you do nothing. Possibly this wasn’t deactivated correctly so the infotainment system is trying to access services it’s not entitled to, hence the message.
I was getting that and I figured out it only comes up on stations that I wouldn't normally get on my radio, if you change to a regular station you wont see the nag screen anymore.
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