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Some backstory that may influence why the symbol is there...

Every few times I’m in the Trailblazer, I’ll scroll through the information center for any anomalies as well as check for fuel economy and the like. I’d done this on Saturday (43 miles to empty, I gassed up and rechecked everything, no odd symbols).

Sunday evening, I let my son use my TB in our double wide driveway to practice parallel parking (upcoming road test). Set up some cones and buckets to make tight spaces, and he did pretty good.
Between backing in and pulling out multiple times (and backing up the driveway just to drive forward and mimic approaching a parking spot), we spent a little under an hour driving under a mile.

Yesterday I scrolled through the information center and spotted these symbols. They’re only found on Average Vehicle Speed and Average Fuel Economy.


Close up of the symbol:

I’ve reset the statistics (the Reset checkmark) but the symbols are still there.

For now I’m assuming that Sunday’s practice driving/idling skewed the stats for some reason. I don’t see any information about this symbol in the Owners Manual.

Any idea if it could be unrelated, and how to get rid of the symbols, would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you saying those symbols weren't there before, but they are now and won't go away? The symbol looks like it's used to say the "cruise control wasn't used" or "no gas was added" for the results/averages.
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