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NHTSA uses a 5 star rating system where 5 stars is the best score and 1 star is the worst score.

Overall Rating

Overall Frontal Barrier Crash Rating 4/5
Combines Driver and Passenger ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Driver 5/5

Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Passenger 3/5

Overall Side Crash Rating 5/5
Combines Side Barrier and Side Pole ratings into a single side rating.

Side Barrier Rating 5/5
The Side Barrier test simulates an intersection collision between a standing vehicle and moving barrier at 38.5 mph.

Side Barrier Rating Driver & Passenger Front Seats 5/5

Side Barrier Rating Passenger Rear Seats 5/5

Side Pole Rating Driver & Passenger Front Seats 5/5
The Side Pole Barrier test simulates a crash into a fixed object like a tree or utility pole.

Combined Side Rating Front Seat 5/5
Combines the Side Barrier Driver and the Side Pole ratings into a Front Seat rating.

Combined Side Rating Rear Seat 5/5
The Rear Seat rating is derived from the Side Barrier Rear Passenger rating.

Rollover Rating 4/5
The Rollover Resistance test measures the risk of rollover in a single-vehicle, loss-of-control scenario.
Dynamic Tip Result: No Tip
Rollover Risk 17.90%

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