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Hello all-

Full disclosure: I sell these things for a living, a member of your community here told me about this site. We offer a warranty that's exclusive in the Cincinnati region on the powertrain of our new and under 100k used vehicles. The difference is that you do not have to service the vehicle with us in order to maintain it.

The company that backs it is a national insurance company called Nwan. I am going to post a link to their main page to see if it interests anyone. I believe this company goes from city to city and signs exclusive contracts with a single dealer of each brand (possibly only Chevy, unsure) so there may be a dealer near you that offers the same.

Here's their link: Warranty Forever® Auto

If anyone asks me questions about the Trailblazer I will be happy to try to answer, but you Trailblazer nerds will know more about it than I will, LOL!

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Welcome to the site. Ya better hope TB owners don't hit you up for help a lot as this site grows. What is this, why is that, etc. ha ha ha
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