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The factory cabin air filter in the Trailblazer is AC Delco part number CF185. It is a basic pleated paper air filter. K&N part number VF2071 is a direct replacement and fits the Trailblazer perfectly. The advantage to the K&N is that it flows more air which helps HVAC system performance plus the filter can be cleaned and resused for 10 years or 100k miles.

Replacement is fairly easy. On the right side of the glove box door remove the small strut. Using both hands squeeze the sides of the door inward to release the small tabs that hold the glove box in. Once the door is lowered you will see the cabin air filter housing and removable door. To remove the door just squeeze the tabs on each side. Remove the old filter and install the K&N.





1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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