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Front Illuminated Bowtie Emblem in Black

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Anyone know if the 2020 Blazer front illuminated bowtie fit on the 21 Trailblazer ?
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It most certainly will not. It is a much larger emblem…tbh I don’t think the emblem is interchangeable with any other badge in Chevy’s current lineup since they are transitioning everything over to this new camero-inspired design language. Possibly in the future it might share the same badge with the equinox if that does get refreshed this model year as planned. Other possibilities will be the bolt CUV and maybe the Malibu if that (as well) gets it’s rumored refresh for 2022.

edit* out of curiosity I was browsing and it appears that the current Malibu emblem might be interchangeable
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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