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For those of you planning on having an amp installed to power the door speakers.

A few months ago I had an LC2i (Line out Converter) for the JBL Spare Tire subwoofer. They spliced off the rear output of the factory amp, no problem worked great.

Before I went to Cabo I had them install this JBL 4 channel amp since the LC2i has an extra set of RCA outs. Sounds fantastic just one problem, i wasnt getting any voice audio suchs as phone calls, reading of texts, voice navigation, etc. i called them back up and I already knew what the solution was. They had forgot to splice off the front outputs because all those voice features are always focused on the front speakers in chevys.

So if you plan on adding an amp please have them splice off the front output. Another thing be sure to turn down the chime volume and the voice volume to more suitable levels because this particular amp has 3 times the wattage of the factory amp.

Later this week I will be swapping out the front speakers and tweeters with a component set, because currently the tweeters are being powered from the factory amp. Also my left tweeter is dead. Not pictured is running the tweeter wires through the headliner down to the pillars.
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