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CarPlay iMessage alert Volume

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I have CarPlay connected to my crapple phone. I have my credit union sending alerts via text message whenever I have a transaction. I like that function and want to keep it. However, the volume of the alert of a new text message is loud enough to scare the dickens out of you. I have yet to figure out a way to reduce the text message alert volume. Any experiences anyone can share?
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I'm going to answer myself, since I've experimented and found a solution...sort of.

The issue at hand is the alert volume that plays when a crapple phone is connected to crapple CarPlay. If adjusted for phone conversations, the text alarm is so loud it scares the crap out of you.
Stupid design #1. The alert volume is connected to and adjusted thorough the "Voice Volume".
Stupid design #2. The alert volume is not independently adjustable. The volume can only be adjust while the "voice" is being played. A test alert plays for about 1 second. Its impossible to make the adjustment.
Stupid design #3. You have to have either the worthless siri or google assistant enabled to allow the voice button on the steering wheel to activate something that allows the voice volume to be adjusted. OK, so you turn it down so that the alert alarm doesn't scare the crap out of you. Now, since the voice and the alarm are one-in-the-same, the volume is so low, you can't use that volume for hands-free talking. You've got to fiddle around and raise the volume for a phone call and remember to lower it ore the alarm will be loud. Safety of hands-free?

This is about the dumbest thing I've encountered in quite some time. Crapple products earned my nickname for them honestly. What a bunch of crap products and ideas.

Crapple: Please segregate the 2 volume controls. One for voice and one for alert/alarms.
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