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GM Authority came across this cool rendering of the Trailblazer as a pickup truck. They threw out the idea that it could be a competitor for the upcoming Ford pickup that's expected to be smaller than the Ranger. I don't know if Chevy would do something like this but it's fun to think about.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is set for a return for the 2021 model year, but let’s play the hypothetical game for a moment. What if the sub-compact-plus crossover spawned a new pickup truck?

Feast your eyes on this new rendering from Kleber Silva, via the artist’s Behance gallery. The tiny truck ditches the crossover look for a small bed in the back, keeps its four doors, and hauls in extra utility in the form of a sub-Colorado-sized truck. Overall, it’s not a bad-looking package. Heck, the Trailblazer itself isn’t a bad-looking thing—we have a feeling the use of the Trailblazer name itself is what will have fans bemoaning. The Trailblazer was always a larger, off-road-oriented SUV. When it returns, it will be a bit of a gussied up and larger Trax.

The pickup shown here comes at a curious time. While both GM and Ford enact passenger car culls, the two will focus on utility segments. Ford has also confirmed it will introduce a truck smaller than the Ranger for the U.S. market, perhaps based on the global replacement for the Courier. Look for that truck to perhaps ride on the Ford Focus platform, which is no longer sold here.

We have a hard time imagining GM will let Ford go unchecked in this bubbling new segment. The Focus is a compact car, so don’t expect any tremendous off-road credentials with its platform, or major utility. However, it could provide a more affordable way for buyers to opt into the Blue Oval’s truck family. Not to mention, the Ranger, Colorado, and Canyon have all grown significantly larger than their predecessors. There’s certainly room for a smaller pickup.

This hypothetical Trailblazer pickup (S-10, anyone?) could compete directly with Ford’s upcoming small truck. The unibody underpinnings would definitely make it more of a lifestyle vehicle than true off-road rig, but nonetheless, we’d welcome a smaller pickup back to Chevrolet.
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