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2021 AWD Active thus far.

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Well we have had it week or so, up to 550 miles. Thus far I have found nothing that I dislike other than the auto stop that thankfully you can turn off. I think that WOULD drive me nuts if I had to deal with that most all the time while driving.
Otherwise I like all the options that I am still learning to use. Handles great and has good pickup when you put your foot in it. Is it a Vette? no, but for what it is meant to be I feel GM executed it well. Now onto putting miles on it and how well it holds up.
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Racking some miles up quickly...I agree with the auto start/stop feature. Occasionally I forget and then it freaks me a little. It reminds me of older cars that I have driven in the past and would stall and you had to throw it in neutral or park and restart the car.
I wish the feature was just the opposite, in that if you wanted it to get the slight edge in mileage you turned it on. Just like if I want AWD, or the radio I turn it on. At least it can be turned off. Didn't GM have vehicles(early 2000's) with the DOD, so you didn't get a choice
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