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May 1st is my 1 year anniversary of ownership of my ‘21 TB. I can say I still love driving this car as much today as a year ago. I had first seen the new TB at the auto show. They had one preproduction ACTIV model. I instantly loved the look. I wanted to sit in it, to see how roomy it was. Unfortunately, I had to wait until they showed up at dealers. Occasionally I would look on dealer websites to see what they had. When a local dealer finally showed stock, I took a couple hours off from work to go and just look. We were just into the start of mandatory Mask mandates. I had to make an appointment to test drive. Showrooms were locked. This dealer had about seven TB’s to look at outside.They had a mix of LS and LT models. Test drove a black one and was instantly hooked. The sales person said they had one inside and ended up impulsively buying right off the showroom. It was so much fun to drive home and be pretty much the only one out there. To this day I still occasionally just open the door to the garage just to look.
Even though I see new TB’s almost everyday, I get excited for them. I always wonder what they are thinking when they see a TB.
I am fortunate that mine has had no problems, other than It is part of the brake recall. I am nearing ten thousand miles and still excited to get in and drive it.
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